R.I.P. Herbert Ruckdäschel

You were a great father, the best friend and my biggest idol. You lived your life to the fullest, practiced every imaginable sport, had too many women to remember, traveled the world, loved nature and life, and you gave this love back.

May you rest in peace and may you live on forever in all who love you.

Herbert Ruckdäschel – 15. July 1947  –  23. October 2008

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Märklin, Ente, stolzer Vater – Playboy, Azrou, Aktivist
Ritter der Flüsse, Nomade – Querdenker, Suchender, Naturist
Verliebt in das Leben. Mensch.

Für Freunde: Die Trauerfeier findet kommende Woche in München statt, Details per Mail.

11 Responses to “R.I.P. Herbert Ruckdäschel”

  1. Toby Says:

    My deepest condolences to you and your family. Sorry to hear about your loss. Stay strong and remember, he is always a part of you.


  2. jeremie Says:

    Hey Dude,
    sincerely sorry for your loss , I hope you handle it ok bro.
    Family is important and it isn’t easy to loose such a great father.
    but u are a strong dude and he is certainly happy where he is now climbing over the clouds.
    See u

  3. Alby Says:

    Really sorry for your loss 🙁 Condolences… He’ll always look at u in the water from the sky…. Take care, …and hope u stay strong. ciao

  4. chris Says:

    my condolences…
    all the best! Take care


  5. Thomas Alsbirk Says:

    My deepest condolences to you and the ones around. It makes me real sad to think about what you´re going through right now and I´m cencerely sorry for your loss, but it will get better over time. Bring the wisdom and love from your father in your memories forever


  6. Carlos Sáez Says:

    Today i felt sad the whole day as i got to know the tragic news.
    Herbert was an extremely cool and friendly man. I still remember when he picked us up ,Alvaro and me in his huge blue hippie Motorhome and drove us to hamburg airport without even knowing us.

    He last dream was to live closer to the sun and the good weather…

    Im shure he is kiting in heaven over the clouds and closer to the sun as he dreamed, smiling forever.
    My deepest condolences to the family. Carlos

  7. Steven Says:

    Hi Silvester, deepest condolences from me as well. How sad to hear. Last time I saw Herbert he was so proud of you winning in St.Peter.
    I wish you all the best. Steven

  8. Michaela Leitner Says:

    Lieber Silvester,
    leider konnte ich am Dienstag nicht bei der Trauerfeier dabei sein, war aber in Gedanken mit Euch.
    Rucki, den wir vor über 20 Jahren kennegelernt haben, war ein sehr inspririerender und motivierender Mensch, der viel bewegt hat und ich werde ihn, sein Engagement für die Isar und die gemeinsamen Zeiten im Isarwasser e.V. nicht vergessen—sie waren etwas ganz besonderes. Alles Liebe für Dich, Sharon, Jeanette und die ganze Familie. Michaela mit Fabian

  9. julian Says:

    I’m really sorry silvester…my deepest condolences to you……

  10. Borja B. Says:

    My deepest condolences to you Silver, last day we talk I did not know it, and when Carlos told me, I felt really sad…I am really sorry

  11. Marcus Says:

    Tut mir leid fuer dich wegen deinem Vater
    Kopf hoch mein kiter, das leben geht weiter
    hoffe wir koennen mal wida zusammen weggehen und mal n bissl reden und so