tailslide la mangaThe whole trip from Malaga to Leucate and back was absolutely crazy, first we build a slider in La Manga on one day and slide it the next day, then we had really good skateboarding sessions in Barcelona but meanwhile, some dickheads broke into our car and stole Alvaros clothing bag, Alex his Macbook and my passport and Macbook Pro, then we spend a thousand hours at the police, Alvaro and Alex kited in front of Barcelonas skyline, meanwhile I was organizing a new passport, then we had to repair the broken window from the robbery, so in the end we almost came to late for the competition in France. In France, we hit a nail with a wheel and once we changed it, a Lady suddenly drove backwards at a cross section and crashed into my sisters van that we were traveling in. And those were only some of the highlights! In the end we’re all happy to have done the trip but also happy that its over! Ill be home for some days now and the mess continues on the 25th with a flight to Venezuela, where I’ll participate at the next PKRA Event. Those pics are screenshots from the movie that Alvaro, Alex and I are making.

5 Responses to “Roadtripping”

  1. Mikkel E Says:

    What, last photo is very very nice. Slider looks exiting

  2. Silvester Says:

    Sliders are exciting, can’t remember the last time I spend so much time on the water without getting bored, haha!

  3. jon Says:

    Hi silvester!
    really cool photos…nice style dude!also congrats for the 7th place in France!why u choose the union binding and not the escalade? I’m gonna buy one…but still have to decide….thanks bye!

  4. Silvester Says:

    Because I also compete (or at least try to) with my bindings and the Unions are just way easier to get into, they are a bit lighter and they are more flexible, so for freestyle they are very good, the escalades are more comfy, look more stylish and are stiffer for better feedback, maybe an advantage on sliders.

  5. leo Says:


    that’s sounds like a real silvester chaos trip… keep rockin!.

    seeYa enno