Surf Expo Orlando

A couple of days ago MJ from Liquid Force asked me to come to Orlando for the Surf Expo, a huge event where all the surf, wake and skate brands present their new stuff, so I took a train from Hamburg to Flensburg on Wednesday and then went to Copenhagen with MJ (on the way we had a flat tire in the middle of the night), where we slept one night and then went on to Orlando with a stop in New York.

The expo started today, it’s really big and there are lots of hot chicks running around and presenting the newest bikini designs, the Liquid Force booth has some huge ads with me on them, also I have some nice coverage in the new catalog and in the SBC and Kiteboarding.

Once we got bored at the expo, Troels and Mads from Denmark and I drove down to the cable park where I had my sickest slider session ever, the park is full with the best obstacles. As it was my first time hitting obstacles at the cable I started tranquilo, but the progression is really fast and soon I was able to land some big toeside 3’s of the kicker and hit the sliders in all kind of body postures and with passes. Next time I’m back home in Marbella I will have to convince the park owner there to build some obstacles…

The expo continues tomorrow and I will also try to get some pics from me at the cable done.

3 Responses to “Surf Expo Orlando”

  1. Marcus Says:

    yeah def.
    u gotta talk to cable ski marbella tp put some nice kickers
    they allready had one some years ago ,but it was crap and it broke XD
    see ya around here

  2. leo Says:

    dude, take some epic pics of the bikini chicks. yeah!

  3. julian Says:

    I wanna see some picts of the cable park!!!! 😉