The Gorge

silvgorgeOn my way to the Gorge I had a stop in London, where I couldnt make it in time from Gatwick to Heathrow and had to get a new ticket for a later flight, my airline Northwestern Atlantic reacted very kind and gave me a flight to Seattle some hours later without additional costs, thanks again. In Seattle I had to sleep a night and then I flow to Portland next morning where Tekko from LF picked me up from the Airport for the 1-hour drive to Hood River.

When we arrived at the spot, we had a slider and a kicker to hit, both very nice. The wind was OK for 9m. The Inept Crew did some amazing stuff on the slider and Dre even landed a 7 from the Kicker, unbelievable action! I had some nice slides with 1s of the slider and also hit the Kicker a couple of times. I was stoked about my first day here, today Davey and Sleezy will arrive here too and the Smith limousine, which has a huge slider on the top will be here as well. Check for more pics.

8 Responses to “The Gorge”

  1. Jeremy Soana Says:

    TOBY – Board shorts over your wetsuit? What a dick :p

  2. on1x Says:

    yeah, silvy show them the europeanurbanskate power!!!!!

  3. Silvester Says:

    Hahaha, yeah actually it looks quiet bad that way, initially I roled up those legs but they came down just before the shot… now riding in a shorty just to make those shots look better and its freeeezing…

  4. Silvester Says:

    got those hotties organized for my return? hahaha.
    got the job?

  5. jon Says:

    the gorge looks very cool…I wanna be there once!who’s the wind?
    I’m still waiting your movie, the one with Alvaro and Alex…when will it be ready???cya

  6. Silvester Says:

    hey Jon, the filming will be finished next month or so, but its supposed to go on DVD through Stance, so its gonna take at least another 3 months to finally hit the public. What you might see earlier is some B-Content Stuff of the sort that Alvaro just published on his site. Will see how much footage I can get together here in The Gorge and next week in Maui.

  7. jon Says:

    Ok! I’ll go to see it!
    You are going also to Maui !?!! Lucky man….that’s the best place ever…I think. have fun

  8. Soana Says:

    silvester, silvester, silvester…….. that shit about u rolling up your wetsuit legs is a bunch of pooo. btw I had a little fun w/ a girl last night 🙂 You are missing out bro.