The Legit Jam in one sentence (or not?)


It was good kiting, the weather was warm, we got the sickest light ever, the sliders were small but legiiiit, the vibe was cool, the wind was terra consistent, we got thousands of shots that look as if they were taken on Hawaii and that are sick, the intros of each rider will make you laugh,I’m slowly getting addicted to Red Bull or caffeine, Red Bull Coke tastes like Calippo Cola, Cliff in Kampen is a no-go which doesn’t mean you can’t party in Sylt, Pile doesn’t sleep in summer, don’t play golf with Rick by night, Kim is going to make our sport popular in Canada and next time everything is gonna be bigger, the sliders, the location and hopefully the budget.

Shit, gotta add another sentence: The winner of the event will be elected by you guys, thats right, each rider is soon gonna have his video part on the web and you gonna decide who rocked and who flopped. Isn’t that legit?

3 Responses to “The Legit Jam in one sentence (or not?)”

  1. Soana Says:

    when are u coming back down here?

  2. tekko Says:

    Make sure you post the vids to when it is time to vote.. also email me.. so we canput it in the LF news.

    Hope you had fun!!

  3. Alex Says:

    So legiiiit man