West OZ 08 ::: Movie

Some riding at Woodman Point (Perth).

download here (35mb:::1:20min)

8 Responses to “West OZ 08 ::: Movie”

  1. Jan Says:

    fettes video:) … !! wann bist du wieder in Spanien??

  2. Silvester Says:

    Danke! Bin seit vorgestern wieder in Spanien, heute war fetter Wind!

  3. julian Says:

    nice video! i love the first part! this was cut by you?

  4. Peter Sands Says:

    hey. Looks nice and good action. I can see you like bindings. Then you gotta try the concept. It’s build for bindings and it just work for that. Thomas alsbirk got a 139, that we tried last week. It’s was my first time on bindings in perfect condisions. It was fun and I liked the huge slack on the lines after edging really hard and the power you can handle with the bindings on. http://www.xboard.dk/kite/?show=view_article&id=3888&subtype=1

  5. Silvester Says:

    Yep, it was me who cut the movie, good to hear you like it!

    Nice Pics Peter, looks freaking cold! Bindings are super sick for massive pop and blind landings, will try the Concept for sure, but anyway I love the versatility of the Recoil, its sick for straps and great for bindings, also its very fast, so with light wind Im still able to compete with Strap riders, who have much less weight to carry around…

  6. ditte rørbye Says:

    jeg synes thomas alsbirk er den sødeste , ikke sejeste kiterfer i hele verden

  7. Ditte Rørbye Alsbirk Says:

    ditte rørbye vil gerne være kitesurfer, jeg kan nogle triks Thomas Alsbirk ikke kan;-) ballet!!

  8. Ditte Rørbye Alsbirk Says: