What I´ve been up 2 and what’s next

I’ve been living at Alex Pastors home in Tarifa for a couple of days, it’s been windy every day, changed from Poniente to Levante some days ago, so it got really strong and we went to Caños yesterday and the day before where the kickers were awesome, you could do stuff both ways so I had some nice Toeside 3s with re-entries in the waves, but once again, when the conditions are on, the camera is gone, cause Alvaro just left some days earlier to The Gorge with his Sony ( we need a second camera and someone to film, the production of our movie is going way to slow…).

Tomorrow I will leave to Germany, to be precise, the island of Sylt. I might take a look at whats going on at the Kitesurftrophy, but what is really pulling me into the cold weather of Germany is the event that Kim Albrecht is organizing, the Legit Jam. We’re going to be 6 riders with some obstacles (that thing on the pic should be one of them?!?). Format is quite similar to Triple S, no heats, no judges, just fun and who rides the hardest, wins. The action will be captured on film and will be brought to your screen through the German magazine “kitelife” on DVD.

The Legit Jam starts the 21st and ends the 27th of July. The 28th I will fly to Fuerteventura to try my luck at the PKRA there. The 3rd of August I’m back in Munich, might stay there till the PKRA in St. Peter Ording, Germany, my last contest for this season.

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  1. Mathias Says:

    hey digga..
    fette party mit pile auf sylt garantiert! freu mich, euch wieder zu sehen!