st. james clubFor the past 8 days I’ve been given the awesome opportunity of kiting a couple of beautiful beaches in Antigua. Kevin Steen, Greg Norman Jr., Alvaro Onieva and Andre Phillip had been shooting for two weeks already when I arrived and apparently had ridden in sick conditions during that time. Alvaro’s 5 stitch cut on the handrail (resulting in an 8 day kite pause) and their slider footage are both good proof for the quality of this island’s kite spots.

The last week of the trip, the one that my stay was limited to, do to other things on my schedule, was super light wind though. We barely got to ride obstacles at the famous Autofocus spot, the wind there was just to weak. But do to light winds and an unusual wind direction,  we rode at an alternative spot most of the time, that Dre had last kited ages ago (when he still took his board of his feet during jumps). There we got some very Tahiti-like looking footage, Antigua’s little rainforest decorated the background of most of the pictures and we had the choice between dead flat water and little kickers. I was very motivated to ride and learned some new stuff so even if the trip could have turned out better, it was a rememberable experience and I’m definitely looking forward to come back. Thanks a lot to St. James Club who accommodated us in one of their spacious villas close to all the major kite spots that Antigua has to offer, thanks to Adam and thanks to the crew for the good time we had together. A complete trip story will follow soon in selected magazines worldwide.

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  1. Jeremy S Says:

    and now you are back here in full force. Some wind and swell heading our direction, we’ll ride on wednesday, surf in cabopino or the port on thursday 🙂