coverage & cape town

frontmobemauispainmag Lately I have been sending out lots of pics to magazines, pretty stoked about the response, sliders and bindings are hot at the moment, also the new Stance DVD just came out with “Choice” in it, not to happy with it though, they made a whole movie out of our ‘trailer” tapes…
Check for example, a new spanish Online Kitemag.

I’m in Cape Town now, love this place, it just has everything, the city, the wind, the temperatures, the waves…

9 Responses to “coverage & cape town”

  1. Kim Says:

    diggi ich hoffe SA rooockkkkeert und ihr habt nee anständige Bleibe für uns besorgt

    in 5 Tagen bin ich da!


  2. alfonso Says:

    bindings great idea in capetown.

  3. Silvester Says:

    Haha, most of the time it sucks, but it gets ridable now and then. You don’t come to Cape Town just to kite either…

  4. soana Says:

    Happy birthday my friend, hope all is well and u are ripping hard. we got some waves today so shayne and i surfed 4 hrs 🙂

    take it easy and get ur ass online!

  5. julian Says:

    Happy birthday dude!

  6. Mike S. Says:

    Happy Birthday Diggi…

    Lass krachen und wir sehn uns am Wasser morgen…

  7. Silvester Says:

    Thanks guys!

  8. soana Says:

    Julian, are you testing 2015 kites yet 😉

  9. jeannette Says:

    We are waiting for some news and pictures!