Goodbye Ignorance

Since early 2008 I’ve been riding bindings almost 100% of my time on the water.

They brought me tons of fun and I learned some wakestyle specific tricks and I will continue using them when the conditions are perfect, but today I feel as if I had build a wall around me by totally ignoring the advantages of straps.

While bindings are getting lighter every year it becomes easier and easier to do everything on bindings as well, but when it comes to learning new tricks that might not even exist yet in kiteboarding, boots tend to make you very lazy. I did learn the Bel-Air to blind and a couple of new tricks on boots before doing them on straps but in general, it’s easier on straps.

Marbella and Tarifa are also some of the choppiest places on earth, and chop is just deadly for boots.

Now the funny thing is, that I started to ride straps again, after hitting the cable regularly this summer. Part of the reason being that in bindings with chop you can’t get the same speed as on straps or on flat water behind the cable. So actually sometimes you’ll be able to ride more powerful in straps than in bindings!

So the message of the whole story is that kiteboarding isn’t one thing only.  I mean look at how good we have it: While skateboarders will always be limited to riding their skateboard, we can choose between a wakeskate, surfboard, twin-tip, wakeboard or even race-board.

So just go out there on whatever you like and have as much fun as you can!

Here’s a Mute 3 in bindings from earlier this summer (I still ride bindings with nice kickers, flat water or for rails):

24 Responses to “Goodbye Ignorance”

  1. Alfonso Says:

    muy buen paso silvestre, tienes un estilo bonísimo en las dos cosas, esperamos de verte competir otra vez

  2. Jan Says:

    in which comps are you going to compete in 2010??


  3. Alex Says:

    Wow dude, looking forward for some new videos of you!

  4. Ben Says:

    We saw you in Tarifa on Sunday, nice tricks!

  5. Chris Says:

    Admit it, you’re just 2 lazy to tighten up your laces 😉

  6. Silvester Says:

    Hey Janni, still don’t know, depends on a couple of things…

  7. Pierem Says:

    ouch! I hope at least that your mate Alvaro is not became a pussy like you…

  8. Konni Says:

    Biste eigentlich beim Slider Jam nächste Woche mit dabei?


  9. Niklas Says:

    Hey Digga,

    und ich schau immer noch dein BrasilienVideo auf dem Bildschirm an und finde es krass wie gut du damals warst- hast du das level immer noch? dann ran an die Wettkämpfe…

    würd mich freuen dich da zu sehen…- bist du im winter in brasilien?

  10. OhOh Says:

    Oh Silvester, that´s a BIG step backwards,think about it!!! Straps are for beginners and not for pros!

  11. carlos Sáez Says:

    Time is showing you are becoming a true Jedi, with a fully opened mind.
    Listen to your mind, evaluate things and finally, be yourself.

  12. Max Says:

    Yeah boy, as long as the kite is low and you’re everything but slow nobody cares about what’s on your feet

  13. Silvester Says:

    Hey Konni, würde sehr gerne, die bilder von den obstacles waren ja schon sehr vielversprechend, wie machst du das mit unterkunft?

    @Niklas paar von den tricks gehen im moment nicht, dafuer einige andere 🙂 Brasilien diesen Winter definitiv!

    @Max nicely said!

  14. Dan S Says:

    You got it Silvester i ride uk comps, in straps, just got the junior tital, i ride boost when i want to and when its worth riding them. I takes the fun out of it when its choppy, over head shore dump, 7-5 weather. Do what you want!

  15. shigi Says:

    cheers digga! was gehtn nächstes we. hast du das taxi gesehen, dass spricht für spaß. sonst alles cool bei dir?

  16. Silvester Says:

    hey jan, ja sieht alles schon richtig fett aus aber extra dafuer hoch kommen ist mir bisl zu teuer, ausserdem haben wir hier gerade die besten bedingungen und shorty wetter! wuensch euch guten wind und viel spass!

  17. Francisco Says:

    Hey Silvestrer,

    All props to you on your style and success. That mute 3 was sick, powered and fast. Digg it!

    At least admit you can throw more powered and EXTENDED tricks using boots. If that plain fact right there doesnt have you wanting to put boots all the time, I dont know.

    I mean look at how your body is extended on that basic raley on your header, that kind of extension is simple not doable with straps. That’s what makes riding boots the only legit (excuse the cliche) way to do any move.

    What I mean is you can ride hooks all you want really, but even if kite is low your style will always remain fruit loop style. Dangling around, swinging your body with the kite, your legs all flexedup and shit does not look good. It feels fun flying around, but theres really no board technique there, just popping around and twisting your body, pulling the bar to finish that last rotation in a mobe is simply gay. Dont do that shit!

    Good winds man!

  18. Silvester Says:

    Hey Francisco, I totally agree with you. The main goal of this post was about stopping to hate on other people just because they have other preferences and to clarify that us, the guys who’s preference are bindings have to open their mind a bit.
    You know, I ride with Alvaro Onieva most days and when he’s on his top level he’s one of the best and stylish riders in the world. But most times he reaches that level by combining straps and bindings, because he gets the benefits of both worlds.
    I think we should see straps as the kiteboarders answer to the wakeboarders trampoline. Jumping around on a trampoline isn’t stylish either (: , but that’s how you learn tricks as a wakeboarder.

  19. Konni Says:

    Alter du hast dicke was verpasst in DK 😉


  20. panos Says:

    hey man,i remember u were saying that u will bring the bindings into the competition scene.what happened?

  21. Silvester Says:

    it didn’t work out, too big of an disadvantage for pkra-style riding in crazy conditions.
    I hope that some day someone will create a wakestyle tour where the criteria is 60% freestyle 40% sliders. Until then you either compete in straps, lose or don’t compete.

  22. Alvaro Onieva Says:

    Very wise silvester, very wise…
    There is so many possibilites with kiteboarding that we have to be open to everything!
    your friend,

  23. Dylan Says:

    I don’t get it, why do you compare wakeboarder and trampoline with kiteboarders and straps?
    Because you are a kiteboarder you can’t use a trampoline ??
    I kite and train on the trampoline.

  24. Silvester Says:

    Why should I, it’s more convenient to use straps than to put a huge trampoline in my backyard…