Leaving Cape Town

supermanWoow, just noticed that I haven’t written anything in a while… here’s what happened since then: Just before Alvaro left some weeks ago we got to film quite a bit and had a sick shooting with Mario Moreno a couple of hours before Alvaros flight, then in his hurry, Alvaro managed to accidentally take my wetsuit and a fin with him, so since then I’ve been riding without wetsuit, haha. Just 2 days later Leander Vyvey moved into the apartment so the kiting and guitar practice continued. Other than that we joined forces¬†with¬†Kim Albrecht and Pile The King to check out Cape Town thoroughly by climbing the Table Mountain together the hard way (signs of DANGER, WARNING, etc. made us think twice about it but in the end we we’re happy about our choice cause we did not see any tourists on the way), visiting a Photographs Gallery and Museum and even eating some bavarian “Weisswurst” in the “Paulaner Biergarten” with ocean view.

My acting classes continued to be goood fun, the other day we had to choose a monologue to perform in front of the class and camera, I chose a monologue from Pitt in 12 Monkeys, where he plays a totally nuts guy, its awesome!

So I’m a bit sad about leaving next week, but also happy to see some friends and family back home in Spain again.

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  1. alexx Says:

    woher hast du die kiteshorts?vielleicht sehen wir uns in spanien.