Oahu LF Product Shoot

waikiBeen in Hawaii for the past 10 days shooting next years LF products with the rest of the crew, Moe Goold, Jason Slezak and Mauricio Abreu from the US and Petter Johnsen and Jan Schiegnitz from Europe. John Bilderback, one of the star-photographers in surfing worked behind the lens.

Last year we shot in Maui, so Oahu was a first-timer for me and I really liked it, we long-boarded and partied Waikiki, which was great!

Waikiki is the world famous Beach of Honolulu on the South Shore, the place is packed with Asian Paris Hilton Wannabes and Surf Dudes and Chics.

It was crazy to see how many girls surf compared to kiting.

Other highlights were paddle surfing Sunset Beach and getting out of our condo every day…

Now I am in The Gorge looking forward to slide a couple of obstacles.

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