“Another Dimension” finally out

Yo, remember that project “Another Dimension” I filmed with Alvaro and friends a year ago? Well it’s finally been published on the newest Stance DVD and has been renamed into “Literally Freestyle” after Alvaro posted his own version of “Another Dimension” on his blog, huh…

Now I would really love to brag on about how sick the video is, but I can’t, because I haven’t seen it yet and probably wont see it until I go back to Europe in July, so if you can grab yourself a copy, please let me know wether Stance produced something legit (:

3 Responses to ““Another Dimension” finally out”

  1. jeannette Says:

    we will send you the stance as soon as possible

  2. Chris Says:

    Sick ass mate, can’t wait to see some new footage from you!

  3. Sand Sock Girl Says:

    This is something to be proud of. Congratulations! I will look forward to seeing that video as well. Good job!