Capetonian Winter

The South African winter is pretty much over and it’s getting really warm, board-short temperature (ok, that’s outside of the water)!

The world-famous cape doctor wind has been very much in hibernation thoughout the past couple of months but it’s slowly showing signs of awakening these days and we’re getting to ride every 3rd day or so with good conditions for bindings!

We’ve also started shooting some video and this time we can fully concentrate on the riding as Definition Media is doing the filming which is great! These days we’re also gonna shoot with Mario Moreno, who’s photography has been published in National Geographic and who shoots amazing kite pictures, my webpage header being one of them!

Have fun and see u on the water

2 Responses to “Capetonian Winter”

  1. jeremy Says:

    great to hear its warming up there…. its just getting colder here!!!


  2. Sand Sock Girl Says:

    Awww I miss the sun!!! Wish it’s still summer here.. I wanna go surfing every minute of the day!