Little Cape Town Video

Yo, hope you’re all having some epic summer sessions, I’m still in South Africa for a couple of days where it’s slowly getting colder, writing some boring exams, but we’ll be on holidays next week for a month (sth very odd) so I’ll be travelling to Spain, where I’ll meet up with some awesome buddies, Alvaro Onieva and Co. to have a sick summer holiday, kiteboard, wakeboard, have some fun and get some new footage together.

For now, I’ve got some random shots for you of some kiteboarding sessions I had with good ol travel buddy Pile Brueckmann from last winter which we converted into a little promo for his new awesome kiteschool operating in Sylt (Germany) and Cape Town (South Africa) named “Operation Windfang”.

3 Responses to “Little Cape Town Video”

  1. Bas Koole Says:

    Nice vid Pile & Sylvester

  2. Sand Sock Girl Says:

    The coolest video I’ve ever seen. Keep on rockin n rollin guys! Woohoo! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Jeremy Says:

    Dude your riding has progressed to the next level!!