Order “Another Dimension” Online

The new stance DVD featuring our video from Brazil and South Africa “Another Dimension” has been out there for a while now, I got to see it a couple of days ago after returning from South Africa and the whole DVD is super sweet. If you don’t have a shop selling Stance DVD’s nearby, you can now order your copy at stanceplanet.com

Here’s the sickest trick of the vid (Alvaro):

3 Responses to “Order “Another Dimension” Online”

  1. Sand Sock Girl Says:

    Wow nice stunt! How does it feel to be up there just like flying?

  2. Alex Says:

    Geiler Trick. Fährst du nicht mehr für Liquid Force, Silvester?

  3. Silvester Says:

    Hey Alex, fahr weiterhin fuer LF, hab mir nur ne längere Kitepause gegönnt 🙂