Kiteboarding Nonstop

The past 2 weeks here in Spain have been too good to be true for kiting. Together with Alvaro Onieva who is absolutely killing it on the water I kited pretty much every day which in August would normally never be possible here, but by following the wind between Malaga, Marbella and Tarifa we made it possible and scored some seriously great sessions with again above-the-norm conditions. All that in board shorts.

This all culminated in a perfect session at a secret spot in Malaga with the glassiest water I ever set board on and perfectly consistant wind for 11m yesterday. We took turns at filming/riding and were the only kiteboarders on the water. Even the fisherman and swimming tourists were attentive enough to make some space for us to go into the tricks with speed and power. Definitely the best riding I ever scored back home!

One Response to “Kiteboarding Nonstop”

  1. Max Says:

    Good to see you riding again, tight style bro!