2nd hand corner

One of the big advantages of being sponsored is that you’re never short of equipment. But when the season is over and new products arrive its time to sell last years stuff. Some of it has traveled the world and seen many days of action and some of it has barely been used.

Prices vary according to size, usage and condition. Bar and Lines included.

lf hifi 09

LF Hifi 09 7m (perfect conditions, no repairs) = 370 euro

LF Hifi 09 12m (perfect conditions, no repairs) = 500 euro

Hifi 08 7m (good condition, no repairs) = 320 euro

Hifi 08 12m (been used quite a lot, no repairs) = 320 euro

LF 08/09 Bar = 100 euro

I live in Marbella (Spain), so does my gear. If you live overseas, You will have to pay shipping costs.If you’re interested in any of the items contact me through the form below.

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