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May 7th, 2009

switch toeside fs 180The past 2 weeks at home have been better than ever, it’s been windy every day and last weekend I shared some huge kickers with Alvaro. Now I’m in Germany for a couple of days, had a shoot yesterday and in about a week I will fly to Antigua to make one of my biggest dreams come true: Shoot with ACL Productions! The crew of riders is gonna consist of Alvaro Onieva, Kevin Steen, Greg Norman, Jake, Dre and me. Elliot Laboe and Tracy Kraft are going to shoot film and stills respectively. Remember Autofocus, Ten4, Metropolis or Catalyst? All made and filmed by Elliot, he’s Kiteboardings Steven Spielberg! And my last Stance DVD Cover, that was Tracy! Check out this link for some ACL footage.

Leaving Cape Town

March 7th, 2009

supermanWoow, just noticed that I haven’t written anything in a while… here’s what happened since then: Just before Alvaro left some weeks ago we got to film quite a bit and had a sick shooting with Mario Moreno a couple of hours before Alvaros flight, then in his hurry, Alvaro managed to accidentally take my wetsuit and a fin with him, so since then I’ve been riding without wetsuit, haha. Just 2 days later Leander Vyvey moved into the apartment so the kiting and guitar practice continued. Other than that we joined forces with Kim Albrecht and Pile The King to check out Cape Town thoroughly by climbing the Table Mountain together the hard way (signs of DANGER, WARNING, etc. made us think twice about it but in the end we we’re happy about our choice cause we did not see any tourists on the way), visiting a Photographs Gallery and Museum and even eating some bavarian “Weisswurst” in the “Paulaner Biergarten” with ocean view.

My acting classes continued to be goood fun, the other day we had to choose a monologue to perform in front of the class and camera, I chose a monologue from Pitt in 12 Monkeys, where he plays a totally nuts guy, its awesome!

So I’m a bit sad about leaving next week, but also happy to see some friends and family back home in Spain again.

Another Dimension. Brazil

January 1st, 2009

silver sunsetOK, before I start talking about what’s going on in my life, happy new year to everyone out there reading this. Hopefully your dreams and wishes come true and you’re not waisting any minute of your precious life.

In Brazil Alvaro and I started a new video project called ‘Another Dimension’. After seeing what happened to our ‘Choice’ footage which we sent to Stance a while ago, we ourselves will edit and publish ‘Another Dimension’. We’re going to tour some more spots and try to get some nice 30 minutes together for you. Every stylish rider we meet on the way will be featured in our little movie, so far we recruited Kim Albrecht and Pablo a.k.a Frank for Brazil.

To see some screenshots of brazil click here.

09 I will only compete in alternative style competitions and film film film. Bye bye PKRA.

09 site online

October 8th, 2008

Jooo, new design for 09 before 09 even started, haha! Hope you like it! Haven’t been on the water lately, I’m sorry I couldn’t provide you with new videos and news. But, … the footage of the Legit Jam will soon be online, the LF Maui shoot footage should be online in 2 weeks or so and I’m going to travel to some sweet spot in a couple of weeks and get some cool stuff filmed. Also be sure to check out the gallery, where I’ve uploaded lots of new old pics giving you a better insight into my life and career.

As for new features: I’ve kept the design similar to 08 because 08 was so well received and only improved some minor issues but also added new features. One of them is that you can now have your individual picture next to your comments, similar to myspace or facebook. You just have to sign up at gravator.com and upload your pic there.

Regards, Silvester

Liquid Force Team Rider Of The Year 08

August 31st, 2008

I’m still in St. Peter Ording, for the double elimination we had some more wind, did good in my first heat, started with a slim, then a 5 of the wave, a KGB, KL 3, Blind Judge and Hasselhoff, but the conditions were really anti-bindings with a lot of current and chop, so after the first heat i was already super wasted and then in the next heat i started well, but then crashed really hard and had no power to go on anymore, which once again proved to me that I would be better of riding straps in comp, just can’t get that into my head, hehe, maybe next time.

Yesterday I got a nice surprise from Michael Juhl, the European Liquid Force Representant, who in the name of LF International handed me the Team Rider of the Year Award, stoked about that, happy to be part of LF, the sickest brand out there!

The Legit Jam in one sentence (or not?)

July 30th, 2008


It was good kiting, the weather was warm, we got the sickest light ever, the sliders were small but legiiiit, the vibe was cool, the wind was terra consistent, we got thousands of shots that look as if they were taken on Hawaii and that are sick, the intros of each rider will make you laugh,I’m slowly getting addicted to Red Bull or caffeine, Red Bull Coke tastes like Calippo Cola, Cliff in Kampen is a no-go which doesn’t mean you can’t party in Sylt, Pile doesn’t sleep in summer, don’t play golf with Rick by night, Kim is going to make our sport popular in Canada and next time everything is gonna be bigger, the sliders, the location and hopefully the budget.

Shit, gotta add another sentence: The winner of the event will be elected by you guys, thats right, each rider is soon gonna have his video part on the web and you gonna decide who rocked and who flopped. Isn’t that legit?