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Another Dimension. Brazil

January 1st, 2009

silver sunsetOK, before I start talking about what’s going on in my life, happy new year to everyone out there reading this. Hopefully your dreams and wishes come true and you’re not waisting any minute of your precious life.

In Brazil Alvaro and I started a new video project called ‘Another Dimension’. After seeing what happened to our ‘Choice’ footage which we sent to Stance a while ago, we ourselves will edit and publish ‘Another Dimension’. We’re going to tour some more spots and try to get some nice 30 minutes together for you. Every stylish rider we meet on the way will be featured in our little movie, so far we recruited Kim Albrecht and Pablo a.k.a Frank for Brazil.

To see some screenshots of brazil click here.

09 I will only compete in alternative style competitions and film film film. Bye bye PKRA.

Trip of Destruction

December 11th, 2008

toeside 50-50Been staying away from the water again for a couple of days after sliding Kims slider with my left hand, but tomorrow I will be back on it. Only 6 days left here, will spend christmas with the family at home and then I’ll be back on the road again, destination unknown.

Every day is different in brazil

November 30th, 2008

So I arrived in Brazil last Wednesday and a lot happened already since then, on thursday i had a very nice session going for a downwinder from our pousada in cumbuco to the lagoon on cauipe first and then riding a bit on cauipe, then on friday kim, alvaro and I went to the lagoon super early in the morning to film and I totally destroyed myself, burned my neck with the leash badly and broke my bindings a bit so the last 2 days I avoided the water and instead we went looking for an old-school car to build up a nice slider scene and we even found one that was pretty cheap but then it never made it to cumbuco so we dropped that idea and bought some surfboards and moved to a house on beach front in Icarai, one village closer to fortaleza where we literally pump up our kites in the garden and jump out of the bed into the waves for a morning surf session.

Brazil. Yeah I suck!

November 21st, 2008

Just bought a ticket to Fortaleza, I’m leaving next week and will stay there for 3 weeks, I know, going to Cumbuco is a huge sign of lack of creativity as everyone has been there already (yeah I’ve been there 3 times already) but if you really think about it the most important thing is not the spot but the people around you and since Kimi has been bombarding me with some sweet slider pics of him at Cauipe for the last week and Alvaro and Alex are there 2 to film we got a nice little crew together to have some fun… Can’t wait to get out of the 5/3 I’m using here in Spain and jump into a pair of board shorts, do some downwinders and hit the rail…

Silvester in Brazil 06

February 15th, 2007

Pete Rose to wrapped, all the switch Moves and a big Frontmobe to blind over a wave. Music is more chilled than usually. Enjoy!download here

Silvester & Pile 2nd Episode Brazil

December 24th, 2006

The 2nd Episode of my Wintertraining 06 in Brazil. Some nice new tricks such as frontmobe and kgb’s to blind and a pete rose to wrapped.download here(34mb|3min|.mp4)