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Summer baby!!!

November 25th, 2010

Can’t believe I’ve been here in South Africa an entire year now! Last week I finished my last exams of the year  and now I’ve got all the time of the world to ride and take advantage of South Africa’s amazing kitesurfing conditions!

Big Bay is windy as hell as usual, last week I went to the lake with Matthias Larsen already, this spot amazes me again and again!

Added some pictures to my facebook page, rest goes to magazines 🙂

Capetonian Winter

September 19th, 2010

The South African winter is pretty much over and it’s getting really warm, board-short temperature (ok, that’s outside of the water)!

The world-famous cape doctor wind has been very much in hibernation thoughout the past couple of months but it’s slowly showing signs of awakening these days and we’re getting to ride every 3rd day or so with good conditions for bindings!

We’ve also started shooting some video and this time we can fully concentrate on the riding as Definition Media is doing the filming which is great! These days we’re also gonna shoot with Mario Moreno, who’s photography has been published in National Geographic and who shoots amazing kite pictures, my webpage header being one of them!

Have fun and see u on the water

Little Cape Town Video

June 6th, 2010

Yo, hope you’re all having some epic summer sessions, I’m still in South Africa for a couple of days where it’s slowly getting colder, writing some boring exams, but we’ll be on holidays next week for a month (sth very odd) so I’ll be travelling to Spain, where I’ll meet up with some awesome buddies, Alvaro Onieva and Co. to have a sick summer holiday, kiteboard, wakeboard, have some fun and get some new footage together.

For now, I’ve got some random shots for you of some kiteboarding sessions I had with good ol travel buddy Pile Brueckmann from last winter which we converted into a little promo for his new awesome kiteschool operating in Sylt (Germany) and Cape Town (South Africa) named “Operation Windfang”.

Ordinary Life

April 1st, 2010

I’ve been in college since 3 month now and I definitely don’t regret my decision, I’m learning a lot here, but also enjoying a lot and I currently feel no urge whatsoever to be on the road again, which is strange, because until recently, I couldn’t stand the idea of being in the same place for more than 3 weeks.

Anyway, let’s talk about kiteboarding.
Currently I have no gear, I still love LF, but they haven’t been too kind to me, using my images in a lot of their current branding but not keeping promises in terms of gear and support.

Therefore I had to ride my wakeboard and borrow kites from friends (thanks a lot Matthias Larsen) & could kite only 5 times in 3 months. But we filmed 3 of those days and got surprisingly good footage. I took my Bel Airs into the waves where they look soo much sicker!

I’ll soon post a short video with my latest trick repertoire, which will hopefully get me some gear from (preferably) LF or someone else and allow me to kite more frequently again.
Enjoy your days, Silvester


February 11th, 2010

Woooho, just realised that it’s already been a couple of months since I updated my site. Now I’m sincerely sorry to have let those of you down during that time, who enjoyed reading my little beach bum life adventures – there just wasn’t much kiteboarding-related happening.

What happened is that I finally decided to aim for new goals after travelling the world for 4 years as a profesional kiteboarder. The life of a (professional) beach bum can be fun, I was as free as a bird always surfing exotic locations such as Brazil, Venezuela or Mauritius and getting payed for it – but it’s also a lot of time away from family and friends, training for competitions get’s very monotonous (especially now that the evolution has slowed down a lot in kiteboarding) and it’s not something you can do for a long time.

So last summer along with Kim Albrecht I applied for this epic university in my favorite city Cape Town, the AAA school of Advertising. They accepted Kim for the Creative Course and me for the Integrated Marketing Communications course and so we took the plane from Hamburg and Malaga respectively and met here in early January to look for an apartment, etc. We found a very nice one with ocean views and very close to the next surf brake.

Uni is fun, it’s a very creative environment and the people are all very chill. It really is something different to settle down somewhere for a longer period and get to meet people to whom you don’t have to say goodbye after 2 weeks. I enjoy my time here even more now than I did in the past few years when I came here just for training.

Kim kites every day while I have to stick to surfing and wakeboarding for the moment as I don’t have gear currently.

Once I get some gear together I will start shooting footage again and will hopefully be able to present it to you on this site in the upcoming weeks.

Enjoy Life,


Leaving Cape Town

March 7th, 2009

supermanWoow, just noticed that I haven’t written anything in a while… here’s what happened since then: Just before Alvaro left some weeks ago we got to film quite a bit and had a sick shooting with Mario Moreno a couple of hours before Alvaros flight, then in his hurry, Alvaro managed to accidentally take my wetsuit and a fin with him, so since then I’ve been riding without wetsuit, haha. Just 2 days later Leander Vyvey moved into the apartment so the kiting and guitar practice continued. Other than that we joined forces with Kim Albrecht and Pile The King to check out Cape Town thoroughly by climbing the Table Mountain together the hard way (signs of DANGER, WARNING, etc. made us think twice about it but in the end we we’re happy about our choice cause we did not see any tourists on the way), visiting a Photographs Gallery and Museum and even eating some bavarian “Weisswurst” in the “Paulaner Biergarten” with ocean view.

My acting classes continued to be goood fun, the other day we had to choose a monologue to perform in front of the class and camera, I chose a monologue from Pitt in 12 Monkeys, where he plays a totally nuts guy, its awesome!

So I’m a bit sad about leaving next week, but also happy to see some friends and family back home in Spain again.