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The B-Vid

March 15th, 2009

Just some random stuff thrown together to compete against the other Triple S Wildcard entries on http://www.realkiteboarding.com/index.cfm?page=newsitem&id=1562 which are all super sick by the way!!!
To download it and watch it in real quality go to vimeo and find the download link in right bottom corner.


April 20th, 2008

tailslide la mangaThe whole trip from Malaga to Leucate and back was absolutely crazy, first we build a slider in La Manga on one day and slide it the next day, then we had really good skateboarding sessions in Barcelona but meanwhile, some dickheads broke into our car and stole Alvaros clothing bag, Alex his Macbook and my passport and Macbook Pro, then we spend a thousand hours at the police, Alvaro and Alex kited in front of Barcelonas skyline, meanwhile I was organizing a new passport, then we had to repair the broken window from the robbery, so in the end we almost came to late for the competition in France. In France, we hit a nail with a wheel and once we changed it, a Lady suddenly drove backwards at a cross section and crashed into my sisters van that we were traveling in. And those were only some of the highlights! In the end we’re all happy to have done the trip but also happy that its over! Ill be home for some days now and the mess continues on the 25th with a flight to Venezuela, where I’ll participate at the next PKRA Event. Those pics are screenshots from the movie that Alvaro, Alex and I are making.

Shooting a Movie

April 3rd, 2008

choice tarifa GraffitiSince my arrival in Spain a month ago, I’ve been spending a lot of time together with Alvaro Onieva and Alex Pastor in and around Tarifa, riding on bindings, straps and even the wakeskate and filming a lot for our movie ‘Choice’. The filming has been a lot of fun and success so far, we’re all putting a lot of effort into the project and I can happily say, that this movie will not only be about tricks. As we’re all gonna compete at the PKRA in France next week, we’ll start a mini road trip in my sisters camper after-tomorrow, pure hippie style, hehe. We’ll try to visit some nice spots on the way to France, like La Manga for kiteboarding and Barcelona for skateboarding. Once the PKRA in Leucate is over, we’ll continue filming in Venezuela. The release date should be shortly after the PKRA there. Stay tuned, probably there’s gonna be a Teaser online soon. Thats all for now, Im out!