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Final Video of the Red Bull Batalla de Trafalgar

October 14th, 2011

Red Bull Batalla de Trafalgar

October 10th, 2011

Red Bull Trafalgar Poster

Had a super fun weekend at the Red Bull Batalla de Trafalgar with lots of amazing and diverse action from all the competitors and a new competition format that blew everyones mind. Thanks to Red Bull for an amazing event!

Liquid Force Team Rider Of The Year 08

August 31st, 2008

I’m still in St. Peter Ording, for the double elimination we had some more wind, did good in my first heat, started with a slim, then a 5 of the wave, a KGB, KL 3, Blind Judge and Hasselhoff, but the conditions were really anti-bindings with a lot of current and chop, so after the first heat i was already super wasted and then in the next heat i started well, but then crashed really hard and had no power to go on anymore, which once again proved to me that I would be better of riding straps in comp, just can’t get that into my head, hehe, maybe next time.

Yesterday I got a nice surprise from Michael Juhl, the European Liquid Force Representant, who in the name of LF International handed me the Team Rider of the Year Award, stoked about that, happy to be part of LF, the sickest brand out there!

St. Peter Ording

August 22nd, 2008

Right after Fuerte, I went to Munich for 3 weeks, visited my father, played some golf and got some things done, then I went to Hamburg for a couple of days, niiice city, and since yesterday I’m here in St. Peter Ording with Alex Pastor. The whole event area is set up, its huge again, people are slowly dropping in, weather is gray, but not to bad and there’s not much happening till now so we’re super bored.

9th PKRA Fuerteventura

August 1st, 2008

Why do things always seem to brake in the worst moment possible? In the single elimination I passed one heat and then was against Kevin Langeree in the next one, did one trick, another one where I didn’t pass the bar and there it went, my kite in direction La Palma. Luckily we have some rescue jet skis here, the guy went for my kite and rescued it, but only after ripping a major hole with his jet ski in the canopy of my brand new 9m Hifi. 

So the double elimination couldn’t go worse could it? Here is how it went: won the first heat, went against Tom Court in the next one, conditions were terrible so both of us didn’t land much, I landed some more so passed, but just before the heat was over, my depower line broke and once again my now repaired 9m went in direction La Palma, but this time got rescued properly. Back at the beach, I realised that I couldn’t bend one of my fingers.  So I went for some ice, a borrowed kite an my bindings board which was still set up for sliders without fins and went against Alvaro, but certainly the wind was way to strong for going finless, the finger to damaged and the kite to different to my Hifis to match Alvaros performance, which was sick by the way.

So in the end its the 9th place for me here, a result I can live with. Can’t wait to leave this crazy conditions and to ride in proper winds and without competition pressure again.

The Legit Jam in one sentence (or not?)

July 30th, 2008


It was good kiting, the weather was warm, we got the sickest light ever, the sliders were small but legiiiit, the vibe was cool, the wind was terra consistent, we got thousands of shots that look as if they were taken on Hawaii and that are sick, the intros of each rider will make you laugh,I’m slowly getting addicted to Red Bull or caffeine, Red Bull Coke tastes like Calippo Cola, Cliff in Kampen is a no-go which doesn’t mean you can’t party in Sylt, Pile doesn’t sleep in summer, don’t play golf with Rick by night, Kim is going to make our sport popular in Canada and next time everything is gonna be bigger, the sliders, the location and hopefully the budget.

Shit, gotta add another sentence: The winner of the event will be elected by you guys, thats right, each rider is soon gonna have his video part on the web and you gonna decide who rocked and who flopped. Isn’t that legit?