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Legit Jam Day 1 & 2 videos

July 24th, 2008

Legit Jam Day 1&2

July 23rd, 2008

My trip from Berlin to Sylt went very well and my luggage also arrived on Sunday. The weather here has been very cold though, how can it be like this in July?!

The wind direction hasn’t allowed us to hit the obstacles yet, but we had two awesome days on the ocean. On Monday the waves were big and my Psycho II kept me warm enough to do some of the highest Toeside 3s and 5s of my life. On Tuesday, we rode on a super small lagoon with dead flat water, also sick. Red Bull organised us tons of Red Bulls and Red Bull Colas, Kim has some agreements with local restaurants for food and drinks. Its a small event, but its a nice vibe and good fun, so its good to be here!

We will also post some short clips on ridelegit.com

Kite Punks :!: Let the action speak (updated)

May 23rd, 2008

Slider Presentation:

Rider Presentation:

Best Crashes:

Best Tricks:

The final movie, s1ck edit, some blablabla and kite 2 the water:

The first movie with a funny bail of me on the whale and Moe’s Lip:

go 2 and register at extremeelements.tv to download the movie in HQ.

Kite Punks sick, sick, sick, but…

May 18th, 2008

… the wind just didn’t play along. The event started on Tuesday. Tuesday brought no wind. Red Bull installed 5 gorgeous obstacles. The “whale” from last year, a kicker, a long slider with entry, a small Funbox and the Wall. Do to no wind today we went wakeboarding behind the Jet Ski and hit the long slider, which was great, because with the line being so low, you could really slide on the slider and feel it like when you skateboard which is only possible if you literally have your kite in the water.

Wednesday turned out to be the windiest day, 2 hours wind for a 12m kite. All the obstacles were hit, Alvaro gave the best performance with nice indy 1’s off the A-Frame of the Funbox. Also Moe Goold and Mauricio Abreu arrived just when the wind had gone, so they went out for a wakeboard session and Moe absolutely killed it, using each of obstacles with no fear and even trying a 3 from the “Whale”.180totoesidetailpress

Thursday was the next day without wind. Red Bull organized a Cart race in the morning, was good fun, I had a nice cart in the training rounds, but then in the race I had to go with a really slow cart that was loosing lot of gasoline which was dripping straight onto my right leg. In the end Neil Hilder won the race, followed by Ruben. After the race it was time to wakeboard again. I had a very nice session hitting the long Slider, A-Frame on the Funbox and Wall with full Speed and landing some stuff in wrapped or blind. When I got out of the water I started to feel immense pain in my left knee and by the end of the day I couldn’t bend it anymore. Moe went wakeboarding right after me, going for all obstacles again and having the biggest crash of the entire contest on the whale. He then was moved to hospital and returned from it with 7 stitches in his lip and lots of Antibiotics.

Friday started windless 2, so I rested in my hotel room until afternoon and then went to the beach, not being able to walk properly, because I still couldn’t bend my knee. The wind picked up for a couple of minutes and some people went out to the water for a session. I took some pain killers and something against the swelling and conquered the place in front of the PS3. At night we had a barbecue at the beach and the light-weighted Gisela and Alvaro went out for a absolutely unique session on their 11m and 13m with some Neon balls installed behind the Funbox.

Saturday was the competition day and I woke up with no pain whatsoever in my knee. There were 3 heats of 30 minutes with 3 to 4 people in each heat and the Top3 Overall, Best Trick and Best Crash would be chosen by the riders. I was in the last heat with Karolina Winkowska, Javier Ortega and Stefano Maselli. In the first heat were Aaron Hadlow, Angela Peral and Mauricio Abreu. The wind was perfect in the first heat and Aaron was able to do some nice stuff such us a Flat 7 on the Wall. In the 2nd heat the wind already dropped a lot which didn’t turn out to be a big Problem for Alvaro Onieva and Neil Hilder, both on 13m and ripping. Ruben was seemingly disadvantaged by the light conditions though and therefore not able to perform to the max. When the 2nd heat was over, the wind died completely. So we went for lunch and when we came back to the beach an hour later, the wind had picked up a bit again, aprox. 12 knots if not less. We were all super underpowered in this heat, I couldnt even get to the Wall, Whale and Kicker which were more upwind than the Funbox and Slider and so I just tried to enjoy the most and hit the Funbox and Slider with such a low kite position that my kite always dropped after hitting the Funbox and Slider.This felt super nice though and I didn’t really care about the result anyway, as it was impossible for me, to do good in such light conditions.

In the end the Best Crash went to Moe Goold, the Best Trick to Aaron Hadlow and the Overall Ranking was: 1. Aaron, 2. Alvaro, 3. Neil. It wasn’t a very competitive atmosphere though, no,  we all just had plenty of fun, partying every night, playing lots of Guitar Hero, wakeboarding and destroying ourselves on the sliders and and and. There were 13 riders, and 9 of them wore Bindings. To see Mauricio and Moe in action was inspiring. It wasn’t just this typical Kite event, it was something special and therefore I hope there will be another Kite Punks in the future, and next time maybe, with some more wind.

If you wanna see some pics, check out http://www.prokitespain.com/pics/index.php?cat=8, the pic above is also from them. 

Red Bull Kite Punks

May 10th, 2008

Red Bull Kite Punks

Hey hey out there, whats up?

I’ve been at home for some weeks now, skateboarding and meeting some ol friends, my back has pretty much recovered, extreme headbanging on the dance floor and a couple of stair-sets aren’t a problem anymore, so Im back to normal life, even happy that I didn´t go to Venezuela, because apparently the wind was a bit dangly there, though Alvaro really represented and even got 3rd with only power and style, check out the videos on youtube.com/extremeelementstv, s1ck stuff by On1x!

Lets come to the real news: On the event schedule this year was one event that I really wanted to go to and that is the Red Bull Kite Punks in La Manga, the biggest slider event in the world. So yeah, Red Bull contacted me a while ago 2 tell me I’m in. Duuudes, I was seriously stoked!

There will be 4 days of training, from Tuesday till Friday of next week and on Saturday the 17th of May, we will have a competition. We riders are going to choose the winners, so this event is really led by the the freedom philosophy of boardsports.

I’m going to drive up the coast together with Alvaro and Karolina Winkowska on Monday. The level is going to be very high with 2 real slider legends from the LF team, Moe Goold and Mauricio Abreu coming there as well as our  Worldchamp Aaron and the “Mega” Ruben. So if the wind plays along, an exciting show is guarantied! 

Im sooo looking forward to it, will be exceptional for sure! 

Hope you’re all living 100%, thanks for reading my weekly nonsense,



PKRA Germany Double Elimination:9th

August 25th, 2007

Well so today we finally got some wind for the Doubles. Rocky Chatwell, who I bet in the Single Elimination made it all the way up to me again. I ride my 9m, was super powered and went with lots and lots of speed for the tricks, I did some switch and the usual stuff with good landings and powered only my kite made it to 12 o clock after many take-offs so in the end I was dangling a bit which made me lose with a 3:2 Decision. Still Im more than satisfied with the 9th place here, the conditions werent easy and the level was good.You gotta check the vids on extremeelements.tv or youtube.com/extremeelementstvDirect Links:Double EliminationSingle Elimination