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Core Mag Issue 5

October 18th, 2008

Issue 5 of Core Online Magazine is out now. Packed with the latest technical trick sequences, slider shots from the Gorge, waveriding from California and much more.

But I probably wouldn’t tell you all that, if I wasn’t featured with the sequence of a Method Frontside 3 in Fuerteventura on page 11/12,

check it out!

Cover kb.de

July 9th, 2008

Your German or live in Germany? Then get a copy of the latest kite-boarding.de magazine at the kiosk of your choice, cause the new Cover is sick, sick, sick!

The mag also features an article about the Kite Punks I wrote. Get your copy now! ūüėČ


Interview in Core Magazine

March 15th, 2008

The third issue of Core Online Magazine went online a few minutes ago and I’m super stoked to have been interviewed by Toby for this issue, definitely check it out on coreonlinemagazine.com and get to see some sweet shots like for example a KGB to blind in bindings!

Cover on French Kitesurf Magazine

February 17th, 2007

kitesurfmag_47_france.jpgThat’s a very nice pic of a flat3 with Le Morne in the background, I’m super stoked! The PKRA Dates are published, 10 Freestyle Events, that will be a lot of time in Air plains, but I can’t wait to start this season any more, start, start, start! With so many Events I hope to find some time in between this summer to check out those wind-conditions in the USA but probably gonna end up training in good old europeee again!

Again in Bravo Sport

August 25th, 2006

After the Poster in the last issue, now there’s a two page article about kitesurfing in the Bravo Sport, with 9 pictures of me, a small bio and some words about kitesurfing. There are also some nice pics of Mario, Henning and Kristin in the article.

Interview in Sueddeutsche Zeitung

August 19th, 2006

One week ago I met an editor of the “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” in Munich to talk about kitesurfing. The conversation resulted in a very good written article which represents our sport in the best way. We discussed about the fascination of the sport, new safetysystems to avoid accidents and other things. Get Germany`s most sold newspaper (442.565 sold journals every day)at your local¬†newspaper store¬†to read the whole article¬†or go the easy way and read the Online version .