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My 3rd time on the Stance DVD Cover

June 14th, 2011

One of the pics I shot with Mario Moreno in South Africa this year is decorating the new Stance DVD cover. That’s my 3rd time!

Also got a bel air to blind featured in the new magazine. Thanks guys!

Order “Another Dimension” Online

June 16th, 2010

The new stance DVD featuring our video from Brazil and South Africa “Another Dimension” has been out there for a while now, I got to see it a couple of days ago after returning from South Africa and the whole DVD is super sweet. If you don’t have a shop selling Stance DVD’s nearby, you can now order your copy at stanceplanet.com

Here’s the sickest trick of the vid (Alvaro):

“Another Dimension” finally out

April 6th, 2010

Yo, remember that project “Another Dimension” I filmed with Alvaro and friends a year ago? Well it’s finally been published on the newest Stance DVD and has been renamed into “Literally Freestyle” after Alvaro posted his own version of “Another Dimension” on his blog, huh…

Now I would really love to brag on about how sick the video is, but I can’t, because I haven’t seen it yet and probably wont see it until I go back to Europe in July, so if you can grab yourself a copy, please let me know wether Stance produced something legit (:

New Stance DVD

October 5th, 2007

Los RoquesI did this promotional trip with F.one to Los Roques some months ago, we rented a boat for 2 weeks and got the best imaginable conditions to shoot some sick footage of the Bandit and us. Gilles Langlois himself accompanied us, arguably one of the best video editor and producers in the industry and the same guy who already filmed and edited our Mauritius Trip in 2005. I still haven’t seen the DVD, but its gotta be very good, light and conditions were fantastic!They say the french version is already shipping, lets see when the rest of the world gets it!