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May 30th, 2008

Since I got back from the Kite Punks, the wind has been blowing constantly from one direction every day, I’ve never had that much wind in Marbella before. The first couple of days I had to rest because I twisted my knee in La Manga, but after seeing the palm trees move every day I just couldn’t resist and started kiting again, which appeared to be a good treatment, the pain has already fully vanished by now. Mauricio left me his wakeskate in La Manga so I explored some new territory and wow, its really fun, with my average skills on the skateboard I landed a Switch BS 360 Pop Shove-it the 2nd day! The partying is ok, the cable-ski is just 5min. from my house, so I’m not getting bored. The day before yesterday was light, but there were some nice waves at Cabo Pino, see the Gallery for the pics.


Back Home

March 10th, 2008

kloop21.jpgI arrived in Malaga 3 days ago, my flight was with Malaysia Airlines Perth-Kuala Lumpur-London-Malaga, they charged me 900 $ for my boardbag and we arrived late in London, so I missed my flight to Malaga and had to wait the whole day at the airport for the next one, so I guess that was the last time with that Airline for me…
The day after my arrival the wind was on so I kited at Heavens beach, which practically is my home spot, met the old buddies there and had a fun session, although it was dam choppy for ma bindings.
I gonn stay here for now and train for the PKRA in France where I wanna compete on bindings, lets see how that goes!
If you dig wakestyle, check out http://liquidforcekiteboarding.wordpress.com/,there you can always find news from the LF team and core videos.
Sooo, gotta go now, seems to be windy in Tarifa + the lagoon is flooded!

San Pedro de Alcantara Nov 07

December 18th, 2007

One day Carlos Saez, who is a Balance co-fonder and a really good friend, came over to San Pedro de Alcantara to film Alvaro and me. That footage is from late in the afternoon, after a fine good meal in an outstanding restaurant next to the spot. Its short and simple, a tiny impression of a typical day in San Pedro and its almost 2 months ago. download here

Poniente and Levante

October 26th, 2007

Today I went back to Marbella, Tarifa was awesome, it was literally windy every day from the 18th till today! First we had some nice Levante days in “Balneario” and then some brazil-like Poniente days at the lagoon. I staid in house of Jo Ciastula, and between the kite sessions it was eating, partying, studying and playing tony hawk underground 2 with Alex, Youri, a bunch of German junior riders and many more. All in all a funny week.

Still in Marbella

October 1st, 2007

Yep, in the end I didn’t go to Chile neither, so I’m still here in Spain, we had some good wind last couple of days and I went to the Cable-Ski again and got filmed a bit, see some below. So now the plan is to stay around Marbella/Tarifa for the next 2 weeks and then the traveling can begin again! This winter I will work really hard on powerful riding, cause ultimately thats what I enjoy most![MEDIA=6]

Bored in Marbella

September 13th, 2007

Hey folks, so I’m here in Marbella and the wind just vanished! Been out 2 times since I’m here… One of this days the wind got strong enough for my 11m and Julian from France who often comments on my site came over from Tarifa, where he was on vacations with his parents and where the wind blew up to 40 knots!We had a good session for an hour or so and my sister filmed a bit. Then Poseidon or who ever switched off the wind engine.Since then it has been rainy and windless :(I’ll skip the PKRA Stop in Brazil, but I have planned to fly to Brazil soon after and train there for Chile. Looking forward to that!