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70s please

January 15th, 2008

plattensammlung.jpgTomorrow at 15.35 I will be on my way to Cape Town. Staid here in Munich way longer than expected, but now I’m super mega terra motivated to ride! I’ll stay 3 weeks in Cape Town, then I’ll move on to Australia (Perth). Alvaro wan’t come (sharks…), but ol buddy Pile “the King” has given his word and even more german power is coming in form of Mathias Wichmann, so probably there will be some nasty hardcore riding on tape, once we return from Australia in mid March. I found some real good 70s vinyls in our cellar, Ill try to make the best ones digital once I’m back and then use it as background-music for the upcoming videos, back to the ol days! ūüėČ

Munich over Christmas

December 28th, 2007

img_5418.jpgHey guys and girls, first I want to wish you all a nice Christmas time and some hot New Year parties!
I’ve been in Munich the last 2 weeks and I will stay here another 2 weeks, waiting for my Recoil 136 and LF harness and investing some time in that distance “Abitur”. I celebrated christmas with my father and my relatives that still live in Munich and it feels really good to be here in my hometown for a longer time after so many years. Something funny about Germany is that New Year is called “Silvester” here, so I keep hearing my name all day long, hahaha. My sister Sharon has also come for a couple of days and she shot some pics, Ill put up a gallery soon, for now I put two new ones in the portfolio gallery.

Most probable thing I’ll do once all my stuff has arrived is to go to South Africa for 6 weeks. I’ve always wanted to go, so I’m looking forward to that. After South Africa, Alvaro and I gonna meet up in Australia, another trip I can’t wait for!

Back on the water

August 30th, 2006

ammerseeYesterday I had a nice kitesession on the lake “Ammersee” close to Munich. The first two meters of riding after my longest NO-kite-period were like heaven! Anyway I still felt quiet uncomfortable to go radical because of my surgery, but nothing hurt, so I went for some powered moves and sticked some, although I gonna need a couple of days in good conditions to reach my old level and progress again.Now I will fly to Malaga as soon as possible.

Interview in Sueddeutsche Zeitung

August 19th, 2006

One week ago I met an editor of the “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” in Munich to talk about kitesurfing. The conversation resulted in a very good written article which represents our sport in the best way. We discussed about the fascination of the sport, new safetysystems to avoid accidents and other things. Get Germany`s most sold newspaper (442.565 sold journals every day)at your local¬†newspaper store¬†to read the whole article¬†or go the easy way and read the Online version .

Bad surprise

July 22nd, 2006


After the 2nd day of the Ispo I started to have really bad belly pain, so after some hours of suffering I decided to go to the hospital. The biggest nightmare began, when I woke up after a surgery next day and got to know that I was unaible to kite for 4 weeks.At least I was with a cool buddy in the hospitalroom with a kickass rockband called Loonataraxis… Read the rest of this entry »

First day at the Summer Ispo 2006

July 17th, 2006

IspoThe Summer Ispo 2006 started in Munich today and it was the first time for me to give it a visit.Many known but also new brands were represanted and there were a lot of sick activities. I gave an interview for the Kitesurftrophy and for the Ispo TV, which was really cool for me. Then I met some friends of the PKRA, Clinton Bolton, Luis Miguel Martinez and Kristin Boese were there, and I met or got to know many more fantastic people who came to see the newest products and trends or even represent them. Tomorrow the show will continue and its hopefully going to be even bigger, keep checking my site for news!