PKRA Germany Day2…

August 24th, 2008

…is being warm and nice, but windless. The trials happened yesterday, it was raining crazily, I was cold in my 5/3, uuuah, but I passed. Got some new bindings, they look so sick and are the lightest and easiest to get into boots ever, probably gonna use them for the comp.

St. Peter Ording

August 22nd, 2008

Right after Fuerte, I went to Munich for 3 weeks, visited my father, played some golf and got some things done, then I went to Hamburg for a couple of days, niiice city, and since yesterday I’m here in St. Peter Ording with Alex Pastor. The whole event area is set up, its huge again, people are slowly dropping in, weather is gray, but not to bad and there’s not much happening till now so we’re super bored.

9th PKRA Fuerteventura

August 1st, 2008

Why do things always seem to brake in the worst moment possible? In the single elimination I passed one heat and then was against Kevin Langeree in the next one, did one trick, another one where I didn’t pass the bar and there it went, my kite in direction La Palma. Luckily we have some rescue jet skis here, the guy went for my kite and rescued it, but only after ripping a major hole with his jet ski in the canopy of my brand new 9m Hifi. 

So the double elimination couldn’t go worse could it? Here is how it went: won the first heat, went against Tom Court in the next one, conditions were terrible so both of us didn’t land much, I landed some more so passed, but just before the heat was over, my depower line broke and once again my now repaired 9m went in direction La Palma, but this time got rescued properly. Back at the beach, I realised that I couldn’t bend one of my fingers.  So I went for some ice, a borrowed kite an my bindings board which was still set up for sliders without fins and went against Alvaro, but certainly the wind was way to strong for going finless, the finger to damaged and the kite to different to my Hifis to match Alvaros performance, which was sick by the way.

So in the end its the 9th place for me here, a result I can live with. Can’t wait to leave this crazy conditions and to ride in proper winds and without competition pressure again.

PKRA Tarifa

July 8th, 2008

I arrived in Marbella on the 1st of July late at night after missing my plane from Gatwick to Malaga because of the short time I had between Heathrow and Gatwick. The next day I drove down to Tarifa and registrated for the PKRA with my 12 hour jet lag. As the forecast looked light for the single eliminations I went to Marbella because I had some stuff to do there, but the wind picked up, so I missed my heat… In the doubles the wind was very light again. I had no opponent in my first heat, so I just went to the water and had some fun on my bindings, doing one of my best heats ever. The wind dropped afterwards so we continued the competition the next day. Wind was even lighter and I was way underpowered on my biggest kite against Madison Van Heurck, one of the lightest riders on the tour. I lost…

Then they did the Big Air Best Trick where I didnt compete because it was very light wind and I didnt wanna do High Airpasses, (actually never even learned them cause I despise them). Mario Rodwald got the victory, congratulations to him, he did a fine job!

7th ::: PKRA France

April 20th, 2008

After numerous problems during our roadtrip like a broken battery and a robbery, Alvaro, Alex and I arrived at the competition area way to late and almost too late to register. The french Tramontana blew strong and gusty from day 1 on so first I had to go through the trials, where I only didn’t miss my heat thanks to Pile (the machine) Brueckmann, who saved me by pumping up my kite. 4 of 5 people went through each heat, and 1 guy didn’t even show up in my heat, so I went through to the Single Eliminations, where I had to go against Cesar Portas in the first heat. I rode my Unions, did really well for the conditions but lost against the quantity (2 more tricks) of Cesar. Next day wasn’t windy enough for competition, so there was enough time to recover from Saturdays night. The wind came back stronger and gustier on Monday for the double elimination. I won my first heat against Ali Barrett from UK on bindings but with a really close decision. The conditions got worse and worse so after this heat I went for my straps board(hadn’t ridden on straps for the last 3 months) and shorter lines which turned out to be a good decision, because like this I won another 3 heats, against Paris, Phillip Brueckmann and Mikael Bloomvall and then lost against Seb Garat way overpowered on my 7m. I ended up 7th like Alvaro, Alex got 6th. So it was a good start into the new year of competitions. Thanks to Thomas Hasle for taking some pics of me.

PKRA Germany Double Elimination:9th

August 25th, 2007

Well so today we finally got some wind for the Doubles. Rocky Chatwell, who I bet in the Single Elimination made it all the way up to me again. I ride my 9m, was super powered and went with lots and lots of speed for the tricks, I did some switch and the usual stuff with good landings and powered only my kite made it to 12 o clock after many take-offs so in the end I was dangling a bit which made me lose with a 3:2 Decision. Still Im more than satisfied with the 9th place here, the conditions werent easy and the level was good.You gotta check the vids on extremeelements.tv or youtube.com/extremeelementstvDirect Links:Double EliminationSingle Elimination