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Kiteboarding Nonstop

August 26th, 2011

The past 2 weeks here in Spain have been too good to be true for kiting. Together with Alvaro Onieva who is absolutely killing it on the water I kited pretty much every day which in August would normally never be possible here, but by following the wind between Malaga, Marbella and Tarifa we made it possible and scored some seriously great sessions with again above-the-norm conditions. All that in board shorts.

This all culminated in a perfect session at a secret spot in Malaga with the glassiest water I ever set board on and perfectly consistant wind for 11m yesterday. We took turns at filming/riding and were the only kiteboarders on the water. Even the fisherman and swimming tourists were attentive enough to make some space for us to go into the tricks with speed and power. Definitely the best riding I ever scored back home!

Shooting a Movie

April 3rd, 2008

choice tarifa GraffitiSince my arrival in Spain a month ago, I’ve been spending a lot of time together with Alvaro Onieva and Alex Pastor in and around Tarifa, riding on bindings, straps and even the wakeskate and filming a lot for our movie ‘Choice’. The filming has been a lot of fun and success so far, we’re all putting a lot of effort into the project and I can happily say, that this movie will not only be about tricks. As we’re all gonna compete at the PKRA in France next week, we’ll start a mini road trip in my sisters camper after-tomorrow, pure hippie style, hehe. We’ll try to visit some nice spots on the way to France, like La Manga for kiteboarding and Barcelona for skateboarding. Once the PKRA in Leucate is over, we’ll continue filming in Venezuela. The release date should be shortly after the PKRA there. Stay tuned, probably there’s gonna be a Teaser online soon. Thats all for now, Im out!

Poniente and Levante

October 26th, 2007

Today I went back to Marbella, Tarifa was awesome, it was literally windy every day from the 18th till today! First we had some nice Levante days in “Balneario” and then some brazil-like Poniente days at the lagoon. I staid in house of Jo Ciastula, and between the kite sessions it was eating, partying, studying and playing tony hawk underground 2 with Alex, Youri, a bunch of German junior riders and many more. All in all a funny week.

Tarifa, the place to be

October 17th, 2007

On Monday I went to Tarifa and had a funny session with the gustiest Levante (East-Wind) in Valdevaqueros ever! Davey Blair who happened to come over to Spain for two days and I went for some moves before the conditions got unridable. On Tuesday I met up with Kim, Mario, the local crew and a bunch of German riders at “Balneario”. This is the most radical and beautiful spot here, Offshore wind, flat water and rocks, no rescue boat. Alex Pastor was on with some serious Kiteloop Handlepasses, Youri looped the shit out of his Revs on a surfboard and Kim showed some high profile Nuclear Frontroll to blinds in his bindings. All in all a fun session! At the end of the day I had to go back to Marbella, but tomorrow I’m on my way to Tarifa again, this time to stay there for a week or more.

2nd place in Tarifa

July 10th, 2007

The day just after the PKRA, it was time for inscriptions again, this time for the Spanish Championship, where I could compete because I’m resident in Spain. It wasn’t really windy and there were more than 60 inscribed riders, so the trials took pretty long and we could only finish the first round of the single where I won my heat. Read the rest of this entry »

In Tarifa

February 25th, 2007

Didn’t know where to go next, had a spontaneous moment, so I just packed my stuff and off I went to Tarifa! Live in house of Alvaro Onieva here, we go skate and train together every day, came here on Thursday, was way to strong for my 13m but looked light so it was up to Big Air Style for a couple of minutes with Mallory, Julien and Alex, on friday big waves began to roll in, we kited with 11m using the 2-3m waves as kickers, yesterday the sun came out and the wind dropped a bit, but still enough for 13m and big waves again! Happy to be in Tarifa, the wind is so constant compared to Marbella! Today the wind is light again, maybe I’ll go back to Marbella tomorrow and pray for some serious gusty winds!