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Bel Air to Blind

January 3rd, 2012

Here’s another Bel Air to Blind, filmed last summer at an incredible spot in Malaga that rarely works but when it does it’s on!

Order “Another Dimension” Online

June 16th, 2010

The new stance DVD featuring our video from Brazil and South Africa “Another Dimension” has been out there for a while now, I got to see it a couple of days ago after returning from South Africa and the whole DVD is super sweet. If you don’t have a shop selling Stance DVD’s nearby, you can now order your copy at stanceplanet.com

Here’s the sickest trick of the vid (Alvaro):

Bel Air to blind

April 20th, 2009

6 days ago I landed my first Bel Airs and Bel Air to blinds at my homespot in Bel Air (funny ha!), but didn’t get them on video. Then I went to Denmark for the LF Germany and Denmark Team Weekend reunion, which was super well organized, thanks to MJ and Tom. The wind was too light on Friday and Saturday, which gave us time to rebuild an old kicker and build a 12m long box. On Sunday the wind finally kicked in and we pumped up our 9m Kites at 6.30 am in freezing 7 degrees water and air. The kicker turned out to be too small, but the box was good fun. Although the sun was shining it was so cold, that I couldn’t feel my hands on the bar. Some hours later I got tired of obstacles and screwed the fins back on my board to go for some freestyle tricks which was when I landed my first Bel Air to blind on video. Thomas Alsbirk and Christian Mailand did a great job filming, and they played around with lots of different angles, check out this video of Mauricio Abreu to get an idea of Christians skills. Jan Schiegnitz and I had a good session so the full video should turn out really sick!

An update…

December 9th, 2007

Hey sorry for not updating since a while. Basically I have been at home in Spain since a couple of months, Alvaro and I have already started to film some stuff for our movie project, mainly skateboarding, lifestyle and waveriding cause we were super unlucky with the wind here. Tomorrow Ill fly to Munich to give my father a visit and from there I gonna book my flight to Brazil or wherever the wind takes us.
The backmobe below is on a C…

Bored in Marbella

September 13th, 2007

Hey folks, so I’m here in Marbella and the wind just vanished! Been out 2 times since I’m here… One of this days the wind got strong enough for my 11m and Julian from France who often comments on my site came over from Tarifa, where he was on vacations with his parents and where the wind blew up to 40 knots!We had a good session for an hour or so and my sister filmed a bit. Then Poseidon or who ever switched off the wind engine.Since then it has been rainy and windless :(I’ll skip the PKRA Stop in Brazil, but I have planned to fly to Brazil soon after and train there for Chile. Looking forward to that!