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June 23rd, 2009

pressMy 3 days in the Gorge are over, on friday we sessioned the new box, which proved to be much better than last years kitepunks funbox. Props to the slider project crew and contributors.

After 3 weeks on the road I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed again. Need a travel time-out, July should be the last busy month of the year, after that I’ll probably settle down in Hamburg for a while.

Oahu LF Product Shoot

June 20th, 2009

waikiBeen in Hawaii for the past 10 days shooting next years LF products with the rest of the crew, Moe Goold, Jason Slezak and Mauricio Abreu from the US and Petter Johnsen and Jan Schiegnitz from Europe. John Bilderback, one of the star-photographers in surfing worked behind the lens.

Last year we shot in Maui, so Oahu was a first-timer for me and I really liked it, we long-boarded and partied Waikiki, which was great!

Waikiki is the world famous Beach of Honolulu on the South Shore, the place is packed with Asian Paris Hilton Wannabes and Surf Dudes and Chics.

It was crazy to see how many girls surf compared to kiting.

Other highlights were paddle surfing Sunset Beach and getting out of our condo every day…

Now I am in The Gorge looking forward to slide a couple of obstacles.

Cable Orlando

September 16th, 2008

¬†Yesterday MJ and I got up at 6.30 to go to the cable with Brian Wheeler from Kiteboarding Magazine. Moe was also supposed to come, but as he didn’t turn up, I was all alone on the water for an hour. They opened the cable only for us, so it was dead flat water, the light was still beautiful and when I felt to the water, I just had to wait and catch the next rope passing by. Some good shots are going into the next Kiteboarding issue. After the session we went straight to the airport and I just arrived in Hamburg a couple of minutes ago. Thanks again to Brian for the cable session, who by the way totally ripped once in the water, doing a pete rose of the kicker and a sick hasselhoff (and that cable is really low)

Surf Expo Orlando

September 13th, 2008

A couple of days ago MJ from Liquid Force asked me to come to Orlando for the Surf Expo, a huge event where all the surf, wake and skate brands present their new stuff, so I took a train from Hamburg to Flensburg on Wednesday and then went to Copenhagen with MJ (on the way we had a flat tire in the middle of the night), where we slept one night and then went on to Orlando with a stop in New York.

The expo started today, it’s really big and there are lots of hot chicks running around and presenting the newest bikini designs, the Liquid Force booth has some huge ads with me on them, also I have some nice coverage in the new catalog and in the SBC and Kiteboarding.

Once we got bored at the expo, Troels and Mads from Denmark and I drove down to the cable park where I had my sickest slider session ever, the park is full with the best obstacles. As it was my first time hitting obstacles at the cable I started tranquilo, but the progression is really fast and soon I was able to land some big toeside 3’s of the kicker and hit the sliders in all kind of body postures and with passes. Next time I’m back home in Marbella I will have to convince the park owner there to build some obstacles…

The expo continues tomorrow and I will also try to get some pics from me at the cable done.

Maui & Lanai

July 1st, 2008

boat_lanai_teamThe wind machine was on. And conditions got better and better. I had some amazing time at Kitebeach, riding together with the LF Troops.

Days were mental, we’ve been working 24/7 for the new catalog through all the week, set up some nice lifestyle action with suits and shinn, we really put all our energy into that week, but I’m sure it was worth it. The riding was dope. At kitebeach the conditions were begging for powered stuff and punished technical tricks. What we didn’t get though, were those typical Hawaiian kickers.

On our last day we went to Lanai, which gave the trip the last touch. We kited in front of a huge ship wreck, a spot that I only knew through a Wipika video featuring Dave Tyburski in 2002 or so (that video was dope!).

Now I’m back home (Marbella) & tomorrow I will move my Benz to Tarifa, PKRA time… Once that thing is over, I have some sick plans for this month, among them the Legit Jam in Mid July organised by German Bindings & Slider Pioneer Kim Albrecht. We will have some sliders, we will be 6 riders or so & the format is going to be similar to Kite Punks and SSS.

Smith Limo & sliders, night snowboarding, Aloha

June 22nd, 2008

silvester_gorge_webDuring my 7 days in The Gorge it has been windy every day but one.

Like most kiters here, Davey, Sleezy and I lived on the Washington side, only a 5 Minutes and 75 Cent to cross the bridge drive away from the spot, which is on the Oregon side. The river divides both counties.

Last weekend, the local riders organized an event at the spot, where people could test material & get advice from the Pro’s.

Jason Sleezak a.k.a Sleezy managed to convince his sunglass sponsor Smith to drive down their Slider Limousine from the mountains, where its usually hit by Snowboarders. The thing was really big and long and had plenty of gnarly edges, etc

We first installed it for the Regular footers, but as we were the small minority (only Davey, me and Dylan) they quickly moved it into Goofy direction for the rest of day. Davey still got some amazing stuff dialed on the Limo, he was the one to hit it first and Backside Boardslided the whole thing first try! Once they moved it in the other direction, Dre, Sleezy and Ruben started to dominate the thing. Dre was going insanely fast and smooth, once again proving his god-like status in sliders.
After sliding it, the driver gave us a lift to a restaurant.

For the rest of the week we had some other sliders build by Joby (LF) and the Inept crew. One very good one got lost through the current though, but there still was the kicker and a nice box.

On our last day in The Gorge we went night snowboarding. A friend of Joby works at the summer ski resort close to The Gorge and drives the snow cat by night. This ski resort is actually a funpark, its full of halfpipes, sliders and shinn. Dylan trains here and absolutely kills it on the Snowboard and most American Pros train here during summer. So we went up this mountain to Nine Thousand Foot were the Snow Cat dropped us of at Midnight. You could see Portland from the Mountain, which is an hour drive away and we were the only ones up here. I hadn’t snowboarded since 4 years so I wasn’t sure how I would do but it was all cool in the end and we had lots of fun.

Next morning Tekko (LF team manager), Sleezy and I drove to the Airport to catch our flight to Maui.

Once we arrived there, we met Mauricio and John Romais, who now works in the office, Julie Simsar, Davey Blair, … After that I had a late afternoon session at kitebeach.

I was overwhelmed to finally come to the place where all the movement started, but swam more than I kited, cause the wind was already offshore and really bad. After that we went out to have dinner at a place that converts to a club at 11pm. Julien Fillion, our kitedesigner came out 2 and it was only through him that I could stay at the party, we look similar, so I could use his ID to party.

Today we had another session at kitebeach which was a bit better, but again offshore, very gusty and very strong, I was on my 7m. To get to ride the good conditions we will have to wake up earlier from now on.

Picturecredit goes to tekkophoto.com